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The content of this site is meant for informational and educational purposes only. Information provided is not intended to replace or to be a substitute for medical, psychiatric, psychological or behavioral health care advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

This site has links to other websites. No liability is assumed, nor any control suggested, over the content that is posted on linked sites, nor any materials that are sold or emailed by other linked websites.

The Integrated Therapy Center will never sell, share or distribute your personal information to anyone for any reason except as required by law. We will make every effort to keep your identity and issues confidential and will not release or disclose information unless authorized by you with your written consent. (Please note that we may be required by law to release confidential information if it has to do with the abuse of a child or elderly person, or the imminent danger of violence towards you or someone else). We have a no-tolerance policy towards SPAM and unwanted email.

Our primary goal is to provide relevant, quality information and content that is grounded in science, well referenced, and reviewed by knowledgeable professionals. We will always try our best to present accurate, factual information to the best of our abilities, and we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all posted information is accurate at the time of posting, but we do not guarantee its reliability or accuracy. We respect the intelligence of our readers and believe that with the appropriate tools and resources (including advice from healthcare professionals), they can make informed decisions in their best interests. Therefore, you are solely responsible for how you use the information, therapies or technologies listed on this website. Integrated Therapy Center expressly disclaims any and all liability for any claims, damages, losses, judgments, expenses, costs and liabilities of any kind of injuries resulting from any of the content offered on our website. It is to be noted that Dr. Wells is not a licensed psychologist and has never claimed such. She is an ordained minister and an Holistic Health Practitioner with a doctorate in Psychology.


We strongly advise that anyone wishing to go off his/her medications, to do so only after careful consultation with your physician or an appropriate health care professional. If you feel that you need medical advice, please consult a qualified health professional. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking professional medical advice because of something you have read on this website.

Accessing and using the website constitutes acceptance of the provisions, policies, disclaimers, and waivers presented in this DISCLAIMER & TERMS OF USE STATEMENT. 


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